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Candlestick Charts - How To Read A Candle Stick Chart And Make A Profit  VIEW : 72    
โดย Tandy

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How to Use Candlesticks in Binary Options Trading. When you open your binary options trading platform and pick an asset to trade, you should see a price chart appear. Depending on your broker_s defaults, that price chart will be displayed in one of the following three ways: Line Bars Candlesticks. Most brokers also make it possible for you to switch to the format you prefer. In any case, candlesticks are favored by many traders because they provide a clear, detailed, informative visualization of price.

In this article, I will tell you exactly how to interpret candlesticks. I explain their pros and cons, and help you set them up on your binary options charts. The Basic Candlestick Chart. What Are Candlesticks? Let_s get started with this candlestick tutorial by explaining the basic concept of candlesticks. If you are an absolute beginner, you may still not be sure what I am talking about. Open a binary options chart on your trading platform. Most have candlesticks selected by default.

They are the long and short rectangles of varying lengths with little lines which extend from the tops and bottoms. The lines are like "wicks." If you instead see thin vertical lines (not rectangles) with little horizontal lines sticking out of them, then you are looking at bars, which are a similar concept. If you see a single curvy line across your chart, neither candlesticks nor bars are selected, so you will need to select candlesticks to see them displayed.

Note that candlesticks are sometimes called "Japanese candlesticks." This term refers to the exact same thing. Each candle on your chart represents a specific unit of time. How much time depends on the interval you have selected for your chart. On a one hour chart, each candlestick is an hour. On a four hour chart, each candlestick is four hours. On a five minute chart, each candlestick is five minutes, and so on. Anatomy of a Candlestick. Okay, now you can at least identify candlesticks on your chart.

But you still probably have no idea what they mean or free no deposit bonus forex binary options how to read them. Why are some of them longer or shorter than others? Why do some have wicks while others do not? You are the basics of candlestick anatomy: The body is the rectangular part of the candlestick. The long lines or "wicks" which extend from the candlesticks are known as shadows . If a candlestick is white or green (or any other color selected on the platform to indicate a bullish candle), that means that the market trended upward during that candle.

The candle closed above the value at which it opened. If a candlestick is black or red (or any color selected to indicate a bearish candle), then the market was trending downward during its formation. The candle closed below the value at which it opened. The top and indicator for binary options bottom of the body tell you the prices at which the candle opened and closed (for a bullish candle, the top is the close, whereas for a bearish candle, the bottom is the close). The shadows tell you the high and low that price reached during the candle_s formation.

In case you beloved this short article as well as you would want to be given guidance relating to 2 indicators to use for binary options kindly visit our own page.

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